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 CSI – 03 Environmental Policy 

Surf Skills Pty Ltd T/A Noosa Learn to Surf is committed to undertaking its activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively managing any risks that may have an impact on the environment. Surf Skills Pty Ltd recognises and is committed to environmental management being an essential element of all aspects of its operations. 

In implementing this policy, we will: 

  • Aim to achieve zero incidents through identifying potential risks to the environment before commencing a job /     task and by establishing a program of reporting environmental hazards. 
  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • Ensure that environmental considerations form part of our business planning and decision-making process. 
  • Promote a culture of responsible environmental management promoted to all parties including employees, contractors, suppliers and customers. 
  • Provide clear communication through the implementation of information and training and encourage effective participation in reducing carbon emissions and wasteful practices. 
  • Continually improve our environmental performance. 


Management are accountable for the development and implementation of this policy as well as responsible for providing leadership, resources and support to ensure that activities are undertaken in a manner that at all times considers environmental risk. 

All employees, contractors and clients have a responsibility to actively adhere to environmental policies and procedures developed by Surf Skills Pty Ltd as well as report any environmental impacts, hazards or potentially damaging issues to management. 

Surf Skills Pty Ltd 

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